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Tom Paiva

As a professional freelance photographer based in California, Tom Paiva specializes in large-format photography of industrial and maritime settings, as well as architecture and interiors. His long-term passion is night photography, and he loves to create images of urban settings and moonlit landscapes on film. He was involved in the formation of the group The Nocturnes and was included in its landmark San Francisco exhibit in 1991. Paiva has led night-photography and view-camera workshops, and his work has been the subject of numerous articles in the photographic press. A book of his photographs, Industrial Night, containing forty-six color images was published in 2002.


Ship Loader

A transition from sunset sky to night lighting becomes a colorful canvas for an industrial view shot on daylight balanced transparency film with no added filtration. Tom Paiva previsualized the colors that would be created in juxtaposing the twilight against the heavy mercury vapor lighting of this ship loader conveyor belt and the sodium vapor lamps on the concrete support structure.

© Tom Paiva
Camera: Toyo G 4x5 monorail, Lens: 120mm, Aperture: f/16
Exposure: 1 minute, Film: Kodak E100S

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